EKOLOJİ İZMİR Fair will host the 
Regional Organic Trade & Marketing Platform “Bridging Organic Production with Consumer Markets”
on 10 May 2018 in İzmir. 
The two half-day, self-contained workshops - one for exporters, the other one for retailers - are organized by Bio-Foundation Switzerland and will highlight Turkey’s importance for organic production. 
Several leading organic import and retail companies from Europe will evaluate Turkey’s export and retail sector and discuss better options for international and regional trade with main Turkish players.
The event will at the same time serve as a B2B platform for importers and exporters. Parallel to the congress, participants will have the possibility to visit EKOLOJİ İZMİR, the biggest fair for organic products in Turkey.



Online registration for the Regional Organic Trade & Marketing Platform can be done with the following link: 

More information about EKOLOJİ İZMİR Fair 2018 can be found here.
Please do not hesitate to contact us in case of further questions. We are looking forward to welcoming you in İzmir!

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First Organic Cosmetics & Purifiers Days in Turkey

EKOLOJİ iZMiR is the leading trade fair for the organic sector in Turkey. Turkey is a real beauty oasis with its ancient hamams and innovative spas. Cosmetics have always had a special significance in the Orient. It is therefore not surprising that the market for natural cosmetics and ecological purifyers is growing steadily here. At the same time Turkey and its neighboring regions are important supplier of organically produced cosmetic ingredients.

To support the growing market for natural non-food products, EKOLOJi iZMiR will host the First Organic Cosmetics & Purifiers Days in Turkey. Among other activities, an international conference will be organized in close cooperation with Bio-Foundation Switzerland, a Swiss non-profit organization for the promotion of environmentally-friendly products and alternative patterns of consumer behavior. With participants from the natural cosmetic industries from Turkey and Europe, this special event will bridge producers and traders to open the doors for highly interesting markets.

The EKOLOJi iZMiR fair allows you to enter this attractive growth market and informs you about everything that is happenin this sector.

- Meet key players and network internationally

- Gather market insights, data, facts and analyses

- Discover successful marketing strategies and PCS-concepts

- Source organic produced cosmetic ingredients from Turkey and the region

Get access to Turkey’s beauty market - we will connect you?

Interested in receiving more information? Please contact us!

For conference “First Organic Cosmetics & Purifiers Days in Turkey”

Bio-Foundation Switzerland:

Elisabeth Rüegg / Elisabest.ruegg@bio-stiftung.ch

Conference Languages: Turkish <-> English simultaneous translation


For Exhibitors;  Ms. Özlem KALMAZ /  T: +90(232)497 12 35

M: +90(533)144 99 06 / E: ozlem.kalmaz@izmirfair.com.tr

For Visitors;  Ms. İrem GÜLER / T: +90(232)497 12 98

M: +90(531)250 64 23 / E: irem.guler@izmirfair.com.tr







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