Organic Sector in Turkey
The total trade volume of organic products in Türkiye being exported is 85% and 75 - 80% of it is exporting to European continental countries. The Aegean Region provides 30 - 35% of the total organic production in Türkiye. The leading countries that produce organic cotton in the world: India, China, Kyrgyzstan and Türkiye.
We call İzmir the “Capital of Organic” because; İzmir is the first city that exports organic products in Türkiye. It was realized with the organization of two exporter companies from İzmir in 1985-1986. First local and foreign control certification companies set up their offices in İzmir. First organic non-governmental organization in the organic sector “ETO” was founded in İzmir. Aegean Exporters’ Association within Ministry of Economy has been assigned as the coordinator union related organic products. First researches and scientific studies in this field have been started in Ege University. Bazaars and boutique markets, where most of organic products are sold, are held once a week in metropolitans. Geographic proximity with Manisa, Aydın, Denizli, Muğla where organic products are produced commonly is a real opportunity for this city. Besides, İzmir is a Port City.
Our Advantages in the Organic Sector
Türkiye, thanks to its cultural and geographical location, is the regional organic meeting platform especially between Europe & Middle East and Central Asia & Caucasian Countries. Turkish food industry has essential export opportunities in consequence of current agricultural product variety in the country. Sensitive and conscious young population, who are open minded to new brands and products, are developing the market. Because of the fact that the market has not fully matured yet, new companies and products have a big market potential in Türkiye.
There is a Special “Design Area” that you can see and choose the best designed products. Also, The first “Organic Fashion Show” in Türkiye has taken place in this fair venue. “Children’s Ecological Playground” will take place in the “Ecological Life Centre” with activities. You can shop at “Organic Bazaar” and “Organic Restaurant/ Coffee Shop”. For professional business connections, there is a special “B2B Meeting Area. Besides, “Ecological Makeup” and “A Cooking Show” has been realised in Ekoloji İzmir Fair
Special Area For Textile
All international manufacturers have the opportunity to exhibit in the special textile area, who have got Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certification which is necessary for participation.
Organic Personal Care And Cleaning Products
Exhibitors will be hosting for the organic certified cosmetics and cleaning products in a specific cosmetics pavilion.